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Thread: RE: using engine flush additives on a diesel to clean inside

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    RE: using engine flush additives on a diesel to clean inside

    Have seen lots of posts on using engine flushing/cleaning additives on diesel V8's to clean them out and improve general running.
    In principal I quite agree with using flushing additives to remove "gunk" in a diesel, especially since turbo drain tubes appear to block up and lead to real issues and I am keen to put a flush through my engine. (230k)
    In "olden days" we would just add a light flushing oil (sometimes a mixture of kero and oil) and just let engine idle. Not rev it so as to not impact bearings.
    That was usually on petrol engines, so less carbon build up, and no damage to seals and softer parts of engines.
    My query is: With these very solvent based flushing additives is there any possibility of impact on the softer parts of the engine (real seals/ possibly O rings??).
    I am concerned about the "solvent" effect on "soft" parts
    AND, how long do I let engine run for before draining it and putting new oil in? I assume I don't just put in new oil + additive and drive it or such for a period, then drain it.

    Looking for any info on the procedure from somebody who has done a diesel engine flush and perhaps how frequently it might done to be of benefit.

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    I use the Flushing oil concentrate and the FTC decarbonizer from CEM. Very happy with both, the initial dose of the flushing oil is expensive ,but after that is ok. Mine had the EGR blanked and after a few runs my fuel consumption dropped a little with the FTC , but it definitely ran better. The biggest mistake when doing the oil change on the 3.6TdV8 is not to undo and drain the 2nd sump plug behind the cross member. It's a sh** to do, but the turbo oil return line is above it !! so you don't want any restrictions/sludge in that area. I have often thought of getting oil relief valves fitted, but have not done it yet. I run Fuchs TITAN SUPERSYN F Eco-DT SAE 5W-30 in mine, this oil was developed for these and the other Ford diesels, again very happy !

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