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Thread: Tyre Problems, 2015.5 Vogue TDV6

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    Adam at Hunter Cuthill has done a wheel alignment on my RRS, and the last service. He says that they have bought the correct land rover aligning system. He says that with this latest chassis/body setup that the only adjustments are for toe in. A bit surprised with that.

    I have zero confidence with gorells BTW.

    Cheers Alan

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    What the wheel alignment place doesn't know is that the upper arms , left and right, are available in 3 different lengths, being standard, 5mm shorter and 5mm longer. The correct length should have been fitted at build time but can always be changed if warranted.

    If LR do the alignment and find that shorter or longer upper arms would be better then at least there is a possibility that they will be changed at no cost to you.
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