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Thread: Lower Control Arm Replacement Woes

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    Lower Control Arm Replacement Woes

    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme View Post
    You need to freeze the ball's taper to shrink it.
    Has a steel cone insert in the Ali hub the BJ sits in I did try extensively heating that with air gun which worked on one side quite quickly to release it.

    I bought some freeze in a can but that did nothing.

    My last remaining option I did not try was dry ice on the top of the BJ in some form of dam.

    In pick the LCA is the new one with new nut. The offending stuck arm has been pushed out in this picture.

    At least now all parts will get a good overhaul and new CV boots while we are in there.

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    try liquid Nitrogen from a good engineering company
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    When I did the D2 I put the ball joints in the freezer overnight and I heated up the receiver with a blow torch. They went together easily with about 1mm off free play. Once the temps stabilised there was no separating them.
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