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Thread: Don't put coolant in the oil reservoir!

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    Don't put coolant in the oil reservoir!

    A chap on the forum says a mechanic put coolant into the dynamic response oil reservoir (for steering and front suspension).

    LR have quoted GBP20,000 to fix it.

    Help: put Coolant in Oil Reservoir | Forum
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    Surely if they drained it immediately and filled it correctly it would be good to go.
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    Yes I agree - seeming like dealers just doing their stealer thing again. Water in something like that for such a short time with virtually no use is not an issue.

    Cleaning it out and all will be good.

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    the problem is cleaning it out, its a very small hydraulic system, if it got into and stuck behind/in an accumulator or valve void you can get some very nasty results later under varying use conditions.

    theres flushing agents that will get rid of it but that usually comes at a reduction in the life of hoses and seals as well as being not cheap and requiring subsequent flush outs.

    99+% it'd be fine but that tiny chance is enough for a dealer to provide a wash my hands of it its a complete rebuild quote so if anything does go wrong they're covered on a "we told you so" level

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    The two things that **** me about that:

    *What moron, supposedly a professional would put coolant/water in a tank with a cap like that ... hrmm looks more like a cap for a power steering, fluid suspension etc etc.
    *Moron dealers stating "we never flush systems" in the same token as "we dont put used engines in a Discovery 3". YES because they are not paying the bill nor do they give a **** who is.

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