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Thread: The new flagship

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    Quote Originally Posted by 350RRC View Post
    So over the service life it's about a dollar a km, plus fuel, plus servicing, plus rego and insurance.
    Or if you pick one up at 5yrs old,for say $120K,its great value,that is if one can DIY repairs and servicing.

    And the poor bloke that bought it new has done $180K cold,although it was probably a tax deduction in one way or the other,which usually works out as just deferring the tax anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trout1105 View Post
    You can take an Old range rover pretty much anywhere, This new one wouldn't survive half an hour on the gib River road.
    As a suburban run around it it just fine But ANY track that requires some clearance and traction is out of the question.
    Traction? really? Old classics have been out tractioned by newer Lr's for years
    As for clearance,, state the diff clearance on a classic and the new RR Please...
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