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    The one we looked at (first post) had a ton of room in the engine bay for a 2nd battery. My hesitation in saying this is that there was no signage on the car we looked at and the ladies there had to call someone to ask, so I'm still not sure whether it was the 4 or the 6.

    Quote Originally Posted by RobA View Post
    Had a look at the HSE Luxury spec on Friday. Very nice fit and finish and now a RR by a different name. Interesting to note in this 4 cylinder version the battery is not in the engine bay. Not a lot of room for a second battery even under the bonnet of this one with a lot of plastic in the engine bay making up the crush zones as well. So looks challenging to find a spot to get a bracket in for the second battery as well. But room for a compressor if you need.

    Will be keeping the D4 for as long as I can as I don't need a car. I reckon the market for low km D4 will be strong amongst us 4WD users

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteD3 View Post
    The one we looked at (first post) had a ton of room in the engine bay for a 2nd battery. My hesitation in saying this is that there was no signage on the car we looked at and the ladies there had to call someone to ask, so I'm still not sure whether it was the 4 or the 6.
    Most of the other ones in every other display have been TD6 HSEs - are you sure there were no badges on the boot? Also, if you have a photo of the engine bay, you could easily tell if it is the TD6 or not.
    - Justin
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    Went to MLR yesterday to see a D5 in the flesh.
    It was a Santorini Black HSE Luxury with all the bells & whistles.
    Very nice although I was disappointed with the middle row of seats - seemed to be less space & much lower than the my D4.
    Not sure the grandchildren will like it as much.
    The rear area is big & appears to be a fair bit bigger than the D4.
    The good news is for those wanting a seven seater is that there is a full size spare under the car similar to D4.
    Apparently the 5 seater will have the spare inside the car similar to the RRS.
    Looks like you will get a 275 55 20 to fit in if upgrading tyres - these are only 22mm in diameter bigger than standard & same width as 22 inch wheel option.
    Finally an option to get a decent LT AT onto a late model discovery with out replacing wheels.
    These will also fit on a current model RRS.
    The tow hitch is not what is pictured in the glossy brochures - looks very hayman reece like.
    No cover, flat plug, and chain connection points are much easier to get at - I think it is an improvement for those that use trailers.
    Unfortunately the coil sprung version misses out on the terrain response 2 and ediff.
    Don't know what they were thinking - every other manufacturer now offer their version of terrain response & diff lock with steel springs!!
    Pricing seems to indicate a well specced HSE will cost about $112,000 on the road.
    I think this will improve as supply improves.
    This was with a few goodies - TD6, TR2, Sunroof, metallic paint, on screen display.
    It seems to be more viable to order HSE rather than speccing up SE which is different to D4.
    Corporate program now extends servicing out to 5 years.
    Will I buy one - subject to test drive - probably, although this one will be to order as I doubt there will be stock cars bought in with TR2 (ediff) & will wait a bit.
    Six month wait apparently.

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    I reckon the entry model of the D5 is aimed at the 7 seat mum's bus market. Only the S gets coil springs, the others are all air. And the S also has no low-range gearing. TR2 is not even an option.

    The car I would really want given today's specs is the HSE. We will see how things evolve over the next year or so. There were big changes from the 2015 to 2016 Discovery Sport.

    No vehicle to have a look at here in Brisbane yet. Waiting for next month apparently.

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    I had the pleasure of driving a "all new" Discovery (HSE TDV6) around the Landrover experience in Solihull today....
    Very capable off-road, a lot more refined than my 2.7 TDV and more electric gadgets than I could think of.
    Cameras on side mirrors bring a new technique / style to wheel placement and probably my favorite "addition" after using for a while. Hill descent - silent, and whilst I've not been a fan of this on my vehicle, it took a lot of concentration to allow the car to "do its own thing" and its works very well.
    Also drove a RR Vogue 4.4V8 diesel...OMG that engine is awesome.
    Final thoughts: D5, very capable...still need to be convinced if it will replace my D4 as a tourer.

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    Does it have recovery points like the D3/4?
    Now 2010 RRS TDV8 ('Roger' - Moore I assume...)
    Then 2010 D4 2.7 TDV6 ('Jumbo')
    First love 2002 D2 TD5 ('Disco Stu')

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