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Thread: Disappointed in the D5 / waiting for the Defender

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    Quote Originally Posted by veebs View Post
    Reading this I thought to myself ‘no way, he must have stuffed that up’. But no, there’s not much in it - maybe 60kg in base specs.

    A little disappointing actually, that it is still that heavy... seems underpowered now :-/
    But i did see a dipstick sticking out of the engine,in one of the vids,but they didn't say which engine,so thats a HUGE plus.

    Yes i recon it is a bit underpowered with the diesel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombie View Post
    Yes, but from what I’m hearing - torsional rigidity isn’t a big thing on a D5.

    So much so that an accessory manufacturer is offloading their D5.

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