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Thread: 3 Zone Climate Control is not fit for purpose for Australian conditions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarry View Post
    True,but in this day,and age,it shouldn't be an excuse for poor quality control.

    I looked at the D5 options list and it said the 4 zone comes with the sunroof?

    I also can't believe you can buy the top of the range HSE,with 7 seats,and it doesn't come with rear air like the D4.
    Yeh its woefully bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by donh54 View Post
    Got a diagnostic tool? Could just be a setting needs changing. Lots of new cars have all sorts of hardware fitted, dealers just enable or disable according to the boxes you tick.
    I went into the dealership today (dropping my car off for another update hopefully fix the InControl Apps) and had a look at some other All New Discovery's - they are the same. The aircon fan controller in the middle row controls the air for the entire cabin/front and second row - same as mine. It's a terrible terrible design oversight in my opinion. In hot weather if you want to be comfortable in the 2nd row you need to be freezing in the front row. Forget about the third row comfort - no vents at all.

    I'm still looking out for an All New Discovery with the 4 zone aircon option to assuage my curiosity. I told the salesman that if they are going to sell a 7 seater they must out of good conscious strongly recommend the 4 zone upgrade - learn from my mistake and hopefully others don't suffer the same misfortune.

    This is a car designed for cold weather - heated seats, heated windscreen, heated steering wheel etc - but not for hot weather - no second fan unit for the second and third rows, inadequate vents in the second row and NONE in the third row.

    You will find better (ACTUAL) 3 zone aircon in a $40,000 Kia Grand Carnival or a $60,000 Ford Everest.

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    "You will find better (ACTUAL) 3 zone aircon in a $40,000 Kia Grand Carnival or a $60,000 Ford Everest."

    Yep, heard that exact same thing many times about the accessories packages (ie expensive) on many Land Rovers. Recently some friends of mine went looking at D5's to replace their current D4 and they loved the D5. What they didn't love was the price fully fitted out the way they wanted it (including 4 zone aircon) as it was being bought through work. Ended up doing a cost benefit analysis and bought a Kia instead as they will never use the D5's offroad ability.

    They were the ones who told me about the air con (your exact problem) and if I ever buy a D5 in the future, it will definitely have the full package. Land Rover Australia really needs it's butt kicked for this one.

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