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Thread: Disco 5 Sound System

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    Disco 5 Sound System

    Hi All

    I have the entry level Meridian system installed in my D5. Was planning some upgrades - for one the D5 OEM subwoofer is disappointing so was thinking of fitting a JL Audio 10" Power Wedge+ into the passenger side space (LHS) in the boot.

    Going to upgrade the 8" drivers in the door with the surround versions first though and assess this upgrade - top to are the standard 20cm and 15cm speakers and below these the upgraded versions - these are plug and play. I'll take some in cabin before and after sound sweeps to measure the difference. Fingers crossed I don't get panels rattling.

    Question: wonder if its possible to "upgrade" to the entry level surround system but have no idea if the CFF is editable on the D5 to enable this.
    Anyone have a picture the surround system as I don't know where the tweeters go in the rear seats position?
    Has anyone else done a similar upgrade? Or any sound upgrade to their D5 for that matter?

    I'll post some pics during the install.

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    Good luck with the upgrade, I have always liked a good system and when younger the systems I fitted to my old cars were always worth much more than the car, I went straight to the top end system when I ordered my D5 and it is a lot harder to upgrade the systems in new cars.
    disco seriesII mods so far:-bullbar,hyd winch,
    detriot locker,lsd front,C.D.L kit,chipped and bigger intercooler,2" lift,rock sliders, lsd in transfer case, modified auto trans.

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