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Thread: Discovery Auto Park

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    Discovery Auto Park

    Iím struggling with my Discoís auto park feature. It does not seem to work as expected in the sense that when I stop the car to engage R, it no longer detects the space. This is because the car asks me to stop when Iím actually sitting parallel to the space and, therefore, it would never work.

    Whatís everybodyís experience with their Discos?

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    dealer demo unit

    I had a small play with it when taking an overnight test drive, it worked on a kerb-side parking attempt on the street one evening, and i tried messing around with it in the work carpark and it wouldnt work. I tried it at the dealer and again, it didnt work. the sales guy tried it and he said its a finicky gimmick and gave up on it also.
    i might have gotten lucky with my kerbside attempt that one time, sad to say.
    it does require a lot of room to manoeuvre during auto park, rear to kerb is the hardest to get to work, in my limited experience.
    i'll report back when i receive delivery of my car in late march.

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