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Thread: Land Rover SD4 - awful engine noise and shakes

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    Land Rover SD4 - awful engine noise and shakes


    it is my second post in this forum. My name is Marek and I come from Poland. Sorry for my English. I will do all my best to be understood I decided to write this message in the Australian forum because you buy diesel engines like in Poland and I hope you could help me a little bit with my present case

    I have 2.0 SD4 240HP MY2017 with about 55k km.

    I have significant problem with my engine. When I start it in the morning - engine must be cold - I hear awful sounds. Idle drops down, everything shakes - engine and body. But it takes about 30-60 seconds.

    You can see it below:

    The second thing is that after that I come in the car and turn on all electrics (the same situation as in winter when after start all heatings turns on automatically) - AC, heating front and rear window, maximum fans - and I have the similar situation. No awful sounds from engine but idle waves and everything shakes. And again - it takes about 30 s and stops.

    You can see it below:

    First was unstable idle with all electrics (I noticed it in the winter) then appeared noisy engine (was about a month ago) and now I have third symptom which - I'm sure - is related to both earliers.

    The whole body shakes while driving but when I stop on red, for example. Idle is stable, no noise from engine but vibrations are perceptible. And they occurs unsystematically. And I feel that there are a little bit more vibrations when accelerating from low RPM (a second before the gear is shifted down).

    Something is wrong.

    Would be very appreciate for your suggestions.

    Greetings from Antipodes

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    Welcome,only thing I can add is that I have read of oil dilution problems with this engine. Check the level and for any signs of diesel , drain and fill with fresh oil and see if there is any change.
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    I thought there was a known issue with engine bearings on the (earlier) SD4 engines, which could explain the noise.
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