Having recently posted that our new L494 does not have a funnel for emergency filling of diesel I can now advise that the wheel chock (or chocks) that both the written owners manual and IGUIDE advise is with my car I find that no wheel chocks have been supplied.
Given those horrible scissor jacks supplied with cars these days I reckon that one needs everything possible to keep the car stable when changing a wheel.
I will now wait on action from my selling dealer.
Page 446 of owners manual refers as does section "Using Wheel Chocks" within IGUIDE which advises that "a" wheel chock is stored in the vehicle's TOOL KIT
Intersting that the plural "chocks" is used but advice is that one is stored in the car.
I guess we pick up a rock for the second one!

Cannot say that I have found anything that would equal a tool kit.