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Thread: Evoque Advice

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    Evoque Advice

    SWMBO is on the hunt for a new second hand car and was considering An Evoque.

    It would have to be an earlier model for financial reasons.

    Are these reliable? Are there any major issues with these?

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    I looked at these and DS just for interest. The early Evoques and DSs had pretty much the same PSA motor and auto 4wd/2wd drive system of the last FL2s. The auto trans was also the same Japanese 6 speed as in the FL2, until the ZF 9 speed was introduced. The later cars had the Ingenium motor.

    Going by owner feedback and reviews I’d say the QA on the Evoque was better than the DS.

    I think the occasional problem with the Haldex part time rear diff on the FL2 became even less frequent on the Evoque. And if it did fail would not break the bank to fix.
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    We've had an Evoque for 4 years now and its been brilliant to be honest.
    Its fun to drive, awesome on dirt roads, no rattles, nicely balanced on the throttle.
    We've got the SD4 with 9 speed box, but we've never used it in auto, just sport on the paddles, so I don't know whether it hunts or any odd auto box behaviour.
    Its a little slow to downshft between 5 and 4 due to the design but its minimal in Sand mode

    I found the seats uncomfortable on longer journeys at first but they seem to have settled in.
    There not enough cup holders and the boot is small, but driving position is good.

    I'd buy one again, apart from preferring a bit more internal space, esp if you've got kids the DS might be a better option

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2dave View Post
    SWMBO is on the hunt for a new second hand car and was considering An Evoque.

    It would have to be an earlier model for financial reasons.

    Are these reliable? Are there any major issues with these?
    Sorry I'm so late to this Dave, my wife has one too. It's the SD4 Dynamic and it's been with us for the last 3 years. I have to say it's been a really great car, a hell of a lot of fun to drive and I'd imagine the petrol version even more so. Nine speed gearbox is really nice - in manual and auto mode. Considering the SD4 has pretty much the same numbers as the 2.7TDV6 in the D3 and early D4 it's plenty for the Evoque - load it up and it doesn't feel the difference.

    I too found the seats needed getting used to. I think that would be the case for any car after being pampered in the D4. If you like your music, try to find one with an upgraded sound system. You'll appreciate it.

    We did have the EGR fixed under warranty about 5 months ago but that's it. Oh, and that was done a month after the warranty expired which we really appreciated. It's done 105K Kms.

    Anyway, if you have any specific questions I am happy to answer them if I can.


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    Hi all

    Apologies all, I am new to AULRO and I am just tagging onto this thread as I am also planning looking into a diesel Evoque.

    Are there any year which is more reliable than the others? From my research, there have been three series of the L538 Evoque

    Series 1 - 2011-2013
    Series 2 - 2014-2015
    Series 3 - 2015-2018

    Which years would NOT have Adblue and Diesel PDF? I presume 2011-2013 only?

    Many thanks all!

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