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Thread: Newby looking at purchasing FY2021 Evoque

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    Newby looking at purchasing FY2021 Evoque

    Hi All,

    I am a newby to this forum. I am looking at purchasing the FY21 Evogue R-Dynamic SE, and would thus like to know whether you guys would recommend any LR dealer in the SE suburbs of Melbourne? Also whether there is any room for price negotiation if I buy it without finance? I have been to the Doncaster LR, but find that the consultant pretty firm on price as he told me that there is a shortage of cars on the market. However, when I checked on the LR website, there seems to be quite a number of new Evogue available in stock across Melbourne suburbs. I just wish that I can get some first hand opinion on people who dealt with LR dealership before. I currently drive a 2015 X5 M sport, so I know what it is like buying from BMW and the usual room for price negotiation, but am really unfamiliar with LR, as I never driven one before.

    Thanks in advance for your kind comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaoi88 View Post
    Hi All,

    if I buy it without finance?
    Don't tell 'em that. They build commission into F&I. Get a firm price agreed and THEN tell 'em.

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