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Thread: Velar at a motor show.

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    Off-road height at slower speeds will be the full OR2 height, only lowering to the lesser OR1 height above the speed threshold. Llams provides OR1 height at any speed and therefore may make gravel road more comfortable if OR1 is a good compromise between extra bump-stop clearance and full off-road height.
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    It would take a chunk of money and time, and there still wouldnt be much load volume, but a Velar tricked out for serious offroading would probably look very, very cool. It would have major grin fun factor, and serious one upmanship at Aspen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rammypluge View Post
    So, i hazard the following sequence of derivation......

    Honda Accord -> Honda CRV -> LR Freelander 1 -> LR Freelander 2 -> Evoque -> Disco Sport
    That is stretching reality a bit far don't you think? You were put straight about this in another thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by rammypluge View Post
    Funnily enough, my first car was a 1978 Honda Accord. I couldnt afford a Range Rover, but little did i know that i had nevertheless purchased one of its forebears, one of its grandfathers as such. Who would have thought? Who would have been more than flabbergasted, unimpressed, and disbelieving in the extreme at such a thought?!?
    Oh gawd, what rubbish.

    Quote Originally Posted by rammypluge View Post
    I cant help but see this comment as typical of the rot that is setting it. I took my Amarok through the high country recently and while it did it without incident, it really would have been better to have low range. I might retrofit. But, at least i had big tyres, heaps of flex, a rear diff lock, significant and enough ground clearance, solid front bashplate, etc, none of which the velar has.

    The velar is just an audi quattro with a squidge more ground clearance, or pretty much a ford territory. Do you go around saying, well, the ford territory is actually not bad offroad.........

    Look at all the attributes of the 2 door RRC. The velar has so very, very few of them.
    What you fundamentally miss in your derision of all new model Land Rovers is that they ARE THE BEST IN THEIR CLASS when it comes to to their breadth of capability. When matched up against vehicles in their target market they will always be the best. These vehicles are not made to compete with the Defender or replace it, they are meant to be different so they can capture a different market.

    For a so called Land Rover "fan" (so much so you don't even drive one) you seem to know very little about how these cars work and what they can actually do. Land Rover make the world's best traction control systems and that is what they put in every one of their vehicles. The fact that the vehicles can go where they do with road rubber is testimony to that.

    Not every 4WD has to made in the image of the Defender or, dare I say it, the Am..(nope can't say it, Damo will have me kicked off) or whatever other ideal 4WD you have in mind.

    Before you go off half cocked on another one of these half thought out, what almost seem to be, trolling sessions, why don't you sit your backside in one and have a drive? See what it can do on road then see what it can do off road and be amazed at how well it can do both - that is what is so impressive about them. You might then be able speak about them with some experience.

    I think we can all acknowledge that we're hoping LR do right with the next defender. There's a certain brand integrity in them pursuing that, but, let's also acknowledge that the new models fill holes that the old Defender never could.


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    New velar motor

    Just saw model update for velar. Seems it's getting the same treatment as fpace and the fuel tank is growing from 63 litres to 82 litres. Plus seems engineers have got more power out of the td6, with 275ps and 625nm. Wonder why this wasn't debut in range rover sport. I'm assuming it's an upgrade rather than the ingenium 6 that is being touted.

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