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Thread: New Defender Pricing

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    Quote Originally Posted by 87County View Post
    Looks like I'm stuck with my 1980s 110s - I'm not unhappy

    I don't think I'd cope with dealer/warranty servicing & bs anyway
    You are correct there,and i add, not just the horrific workmanship,but also the ridiculous overpricing of everything.

    It is the worst part of buying a new LR,and i have done it 5 times🙃

    Subsequently none ever went back for servicing to the dealers,only warranty work.

    Just to add,i run a fleet of Toyota service vans,which go to the dealer for all services.No problems with them at all.

    D4 MY12 white,2.7(with a few more killer wasps) rear air,e diff,xenons,arb bar,7 seat ,18" bfg KO2

    2009 Defender 110 (son's)ARB
    bar,snorkle,rocksliders,rack,KM2's,BAS chip, always needs a wash

    '56 S1,been in the family since...'56

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    Well, ultimately that is the problem: either no dealerships or crappy ones, so it doesn't even matter if they built some world-beating 4WD as there would be nowhere to buy one or to get it fixed. The whole situation is such a farce it would make quite a good satirical TV show.
    At any given point in time, somewhere in the world someone is working on a Land-Rover.

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    Back to the OP...

    If the next Defender is anything like the just released G Professional Wagon and priced in the $60-80K range, it will be hard to beat. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

    The G Professional Wagon looks fantastic, but it's $110K. A capable Disco 5 is $90K+ A 70 series Land Cruiser is $70K+

    ...2018 is fast approaching, but still no Defender news. Must be something soon!

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