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Thread: Wont be retro...

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackrangie View Post
    Thanks for looking that up however it makes no sense in the context of the discussion, LR have many dealerships too in city areas.

    But yeah they obviously need a lot of dealers to keep up the stock of alternators, injectors and starters haha.

    These where just a few regional areas I found on google with full LR service and sales.

    The claim was made that LR dont have any non city dealerships, I put up a few I found mostly in small towns of OZ (even tassie has 2), with NRMA and as discussed (overnight shipping to most areas of OZ) they would more than keep you going.

    Times are a changin bud, back in the horse and carriage days Toyota may have been the only regional dealerships and dealers had to be on every corner to keep you going.
    it makes complete sense....are you sure you are not a politician hiding?

    you quoted 7 dealerships , how many did I quote for Toyota

    .....and no , they don't keep you going , this site is full of tales of woe because of such poor dealer support , some how you dont get this , or is it your hide just so thick if it's not LR its not happening?

    where do you get this stuff like "overnight shipping to most areas...they would more than keep you going"?

    I am not pro Toyota , nor am I anti LR but if you don't know the problems you better stop posting your stuff here and spend a bit of time and read back over the years.

    I learnt to drive as a child in an S! , grew up in S11's (I grew up all over western NSW on sheep stations)and S111's and the rot set in in the mid 70's with the S111 updates. I was in Darwin then as LR club member and saw first hand the problems LR owners had and saw how well the Toyota and Nissan dealers looked after their customers back then. Now , I dont know your background Blackrangie but as I said earlier I think we live on different planets where LR has a good record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick130 View Post
    It will be selling an image, an idea.
    It won't be a rugged, utilitarian 4x4.
    What facts are you basing this on?
    Nearly everything i have seen so far contradicts this statement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeros View Post
    Exactly. Except they are silly IMO. And that is problem. ...A company whos entire reputation is built on vehicles supposedly designed for off road adventure, but weirdly not aimed at markets outside the city. I dont get it and Im clearly not the only one would seem that the increasing majority who want a vehicle designed for the bush will continue voting with their feet.

    Its chicken and egg, but the golden geese obviously remain Hilux and Landcruiser. ...I remain dumbfounded that Defender and a new Land Rover ute were not re-developed more than a decade ago.
    Defenders have alwsys been aimed at people that go offroad no mater where they live, the new defender will be no different.

    JLR are far from silly to bring the defender into the 21st century.

    Discovery 5 is currently the best ALL terrain 4x4, the "Golden Goose" as you call it.

    The new defender from what i have seen so far will take that title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoMick View Post
    Coffs Harbour.
    Mulitdealerships are the trend now.
    Parts are flown or trucked in overnight usually.
    Yeah its true, there are more than enough dealers in on for JLR.

    Tesla is going a different direction, im guessing rivian will do the same.

    Plenty of owners on here that drive all over the big country in both old and brand new LR's, we dont see anyone whinging there are no dealers or indies to fix their cars, why, becuase its a non issue now. It also will be a non issue with new defender.

    Tesla to ditch dealerships and move car sales online - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    I see vehicles being sold online in the near future, JLRs online builder is ready for this and amazing, we used it to buy one with everything done remotely.

    Also with multibranded factory service only centres, but we already have indies that do the same which are becoming better soon

    Win for local mechanics with plan to make world'''s car makers share high tech data

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