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if the SVX came with a $200K price tag would you still be happy?
Good question, I guess it depends on the value recieved.

For sure for that price you would expect almost zero would have to be done by the owner before heading offroad seriously.

From memory D5 SVX was tipped to be around 135k+

Some svx goodies i could find quickly

New Hydro active roll control with more wheel articulation (H-ARC system)

Increased appeoach and departure via redesigned front/rear bumpers

Easy access front recovery point.

Longer suspension travel

New steering knuckles

525hp v8

Bigger air intakes

Offroad wheels/tyres


Light covers

Light bars

Custom software to suit.

Custom tecton grey paint

Aditional recovery points

Underbody protection and all around bash plates, rock sliders under doors.

Pistol shifter, for quick offroad shifts.

Svx interior and seats


Will be interesting what of the above will be on the new defender standard, we allready know a few.