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Thread: Some better spy shots at last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeros View Post
    Some interesting info in the WhichCar article, including the cancellation of the Disco SVX due to financial difficulties (read: ongoing effects of Diesel gate) and reminder of a new PHEV Disco Sport - 2020: 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport to get new platform, PHEV variant.

    Thinking about it further, I'm not convinced the Defender dashboard image was accidentally leaked...the very public response by JLR PR on Twitter doesn't make sense. Maybe it was actually part of a social media marketing strategy by JLR. ...a tester? to see what the public response is to a prototype utilitarian dash? It's definitely working.
    100% agree, the twitter user was deleted soon after reportedly.

    Responding via twitter only adds fuel to the fire.

    You only fuel the fire if you want it to burn

    JLR US also reportedly confirmed it was an older pre production shot, which kinda says to me like its the finished product but not refined.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Homestar View Post
    Can people, PLEASE STOP posting links with the pics of the Defender interior in it.
    Just deleted yet another post with a link to these pics.

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