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Thread: DEFENDER designer VS BOLLINGER designer

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    Quote Originally Posted by goingbush View Post
    I doubt many recent Euro cars are actually ADR compliant, it seems we have tougher rules than anyone else. But they dont need our drop in an ocean of a market so why make cars meet our tougher regs . they don't.
    Spoke with a contact at Ford today and it appears all cars still have to meet ADR's as I expected.
    8 months of work on the Mustang to meet ADR's before it was imported.

    Found out some other interesting facts both at Ford and another Company I visited but probably all common knowledge....
    Didn't realise the Evoque was based on the Ford Focus platform. Spoke to my young bloke who works at a dealers and apparently a lot of parts have FoMoCo on them.
    Tesla building a Chinese factory planned to open late next year.
    Interesting some of the partnerships that are being made between major automotive companies and Chinese companies. Was quite surprised at the cars that are made there right now and then of course, there are the copies.

    Hawtai B35 Cayenne copy
    Zoyte SR9 Macan copy
    Landwind X7 Evoque copy

    There's loads of them........

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    Thanks for clearing that up Colin. Apparently there is a bill in progress to amend the ADR legislation.

    My son has just bought a Jag E-Pace & also has Ford all over it , no surprise as its on the same Freelander / Evoque platform.

    The Jag I pace (Electric version) is on a completely new all Alloy platform. No one seems to know why they called the ICE version the E Pace & the Electric version the I pace .

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