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Thread: Central tyre inflation maybe?

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    Have a look at this,from a post on here,
    Umm,note the date....

    The J.D. Power 2018 US Initial Quality Study ranks Range Rover last. Last has been a consistent rating for the Tata Motors subsidiary.

    From the Australian

    "As editor Doug DeMuro says: “Yes, that’s right: according to its own customers, the Land Rover dealership experience is roughly the same as the one you’ll get at good ol’ Billy Bob Chevrolet, home of low prices and brightly coloured helium balloons. In other words: Land Rover, who wants you to spend $135,000 for a Range Rover Supercharged Autobiography Portfolio Westminster Humidor Aardvark, will treat you the same as Chevrolet, who sells the Spark for $13,000, and Chrysler, who would finance a stray dog as long as it doesn’t pee in the showroom. (But) I believe Land Rover, noted manufacturer of vehicles that last as long as the chickenpox, couldn’t care less about its history of poor service, weak quality, and substandard *reliability.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red90 View Post
    You really like to hear yourself talk. Land Rover is near the bottom of the reliability rating world wide by every rating organization. It has nothing to do with recalls.

    They are unreliable. These are the facts.
    Mod hat ON,

    Lets keep the thread on subject (or at least about Landies) and the personal shots out of the discussion.

    Please continue

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