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Thread: Roof Rack options and accessories

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    Roof Rack options and accessories

    I know the new Defender isn't even launched yet but we're gonna need a thread to talk about the options for what gets carried on the top of one. Starting with what looks to be the factory option spotted on test mules...

    Another hint of this on what looks like a 110 under wraps with a full load of accessories on this instagram post:
    Truckin' Terry on Instagram: “In other news, we couldn't actually enter Charyn canyon because it was closed off for filming the new Land Rover Defender reveal. They…”

    So, some thoughts on this, heavily influenced by comparison with the full-length FrontRunner II rack on my D4.

    1. Attachment to the roof looks solid. I get the impression of straight flat beams firmly connected to the body frame with the intent of anchoring a decent load up there. I like that the platform isn't just bolted onto crossbars and that the beams themselves aren't the kind of elevated rails that you normally put crossbars on.

    2. It's really quite high, and has a big bit missing seemingly to let the GPS/Cellular antenna have better access to the sky. One of my favourite features on the FR rack is the stainless steel camp table that I slide in from the rear onto rails that hang under the rack. This design the antenna especially seems to rule out that kind of solution.

    3. It doesn't have any raised edges to resist things sliding off. In fact the opposite is true: the edges gently roll away. Consequently there's no surface on which to mount an awning, or brackets for recovery tracks, or a shovel, or lights on the front etc etc.

    4. The load-carrying rails of the rack itself run left/right across the car. Might be personal preference but I do like it that way.

    5. It's not especially long, even on the 110. Better than what you can get on a D5, given the way that tailgate hinges, but not really taking advantage of the available space.

    6. Clear indication of a factory ladder (see also the Lego version) that comes down the side over the rear wheel. I reckon after-market designs will take advantage of that too.

    As it currently appears, I don't think it's an option I'd go for. With that side-hinged rear door I would want to put a big 270-degree awning down the left side with a ladder on the right. Maxtrax might have to shift from right side on the D4 to rear on the Defender, swapping position with the table which can also be fitted for side access on the FR gear. (Plastic Maxtrax hopefully are less of a problem for the antenna than a metal rack or table would be.) A rack that reaches a bit further forward would make up for the area lost to that antenna, and those rearward sections to either side of it would still be big enough for a gas bottle or the end of my long Oztent.

    Your thoughts?
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