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Thread: Why wouldn't you go for base spec 110?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LRD414 View Post
    You don't need an option pack to specify the rear ediff, it can be a stand-alone option.
    18" wheels only available with 4cyl engine, ie smaller brake package is tied to engine size.

    TR2 appears to allow for customisation of how it responds. How useful is that compared to the standard TR?
    No idea, would have to drive back-to-back on technical terrain to know.
    What I do know is standard TR is very good, especially when combined with a rear ediff.

    After that it's personal preference, for example
    I far prefer leather seats for durability and keeping them clean.

    Yep leather is the go for durability and keeping the seats clean. Which means next level up unfortunately cost wise. Elocker and no flash screen would do fine.


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    I did a build on the big petty last night. I was able to option down to 19inch rims. There may be hope for a decent size tyre wall yet.

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    Not the most popular but for me HUD, TPMS and Matrix lights.
    Once you had those you wouldn't go without. I found HUD a joke but came standard on our latest LR and I hardly look at the dash anymore. Also shows all offroad information. For the lights you have to experience them on a long late drive. TPMS was great for detecting slow leaks.
    Hopefully, it has the same emergency button, which connects you to services, giving them your location and details (also automatic once airbags go off). I wouldn't get a new 'everyday' car without it anymore. m

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