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Thread: The New Defender: Diesel vs Petrol

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    The New Defender: Diesel vs Petrol

    Quote Originally Posted by blackrangie View Post
    Let the games begin!

    This is from a dealer.Attachment 154962
    So now that we have seen the RRP does this change the Diesel vs Petrol point of view?

    $6K premium for an extra 30kW from base model D200 to D240!

    And a further $12K premium for P400 over D240 in S spec.

    Ouch - suddenly the base spec D200 is looking the pick of the bunch.

    Bring on the re-mapping!

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    Why not save thousands and if you're really keen on more power get a tune or a plug-in kit in it??
    D200, D240 have been around for years in Rangies and Disco's. Lots of upgrade options out there.

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