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Thread: Land Rover doesn't understand Australia - no ute !

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    Bought a Mazda :(

    Yeah well I loved my Defenders but when missus and I decided to get a Trayon camper I needed a Ute . We looked at a 130 but thought it might be nice to have a few safety features . 70 cruiser? ....nah I decided to get a 2013 BT50 as a stop gap until the new defender Ute is available. Oh wait , wtf??? Looks like Iím joining the hoard - itís a nice Ute but itís not a defender . Would have surely bought a defender Ute as my retirement vehicle were they to exist. So itís a 2013 BT50 until something better comes along (VW, Ford, Ram....Jeep??? Oh ffs theyíre all so boring)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ausGeoff View Post
    Let's face it; no Aussie framer would buy one. They'd only sell to
    the poseurs, and never leave the bitumen, let alone throwing a dead sheep carcass into the tray LOL.
    Ex partners mum loved to tell the story of how when her hubby asked her father for her hand he drove the prospective SIL down the paddock in the near new Roller and dissected a dead sheep carcass and threw it in the boot. Land Rover doesn't understand Australia - no ute !
    Mid-late 50's and a true story. Land Rover doesn't understand Australia - no ute !

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    Well I've seen a VW Amarok on a trip with mostly Landies in the glasshouse mountains and it went pretty damn well. I was impressed.

    So if a Defender isn't an option (again, bastards!) then I recomend anyone looking for a ute try one of those.
    It's not broken. It's "Carbon Neutral".


    1993 Defender 110 ute "Doris"
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    I'm loving my MR Triton. Really nice bit of kit. Feels like it's built to last and last. Surprising off-road and handles extremely well on. Comfortable. Powerful in the real world. Very frugal on diesel. Can have 2 GLS Premiums for 1 Defender 2...


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