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Thread: Video reviews

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    Quote Originally Posted by zilch View Post
    going to test that out with Zone and cruisemaster when i order and visit them in early May.. there will only be the two of us,
    recovery gear, extra fuel and sixth wheel.. based upon the numbers he ran i think i can bring our 5+2 within legal requirements,
    it is just understanding what the actual loading needs to be in real world figures rather than that published.. i am looking to aim around
    the 3T mark and no more.. based upon the calculator Zone have sent me, that should come in approx 300KG on the nose, and may
    aim for a tad lighter if i can (without compromising stability)..
    Good luck with it all, hope everything works out.

    Great you know what is going on and will be able to sort it, the real worry is those that dont look into it.

    Are the rear seats reasonably easy to remove?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarry View Post
    Depends,sure the weight rating is increased, but if you want to carry 7 people, and tow a large van good chance you will be over.

    Five people, good chance you will be over/almost over as well.

    Even 7 seater, with rear seats removed, two people, bit of gear, still very close to being illegal.

    The test vehicle used was empty, bog standard, no accessaries.

    I can see some buyers are going to get caught out.
    Yes,the salesman will say, it can tow up to 3.5T....
    All valid points Paul but geez, 7 people and a big van, you'd have to be bloody keen on a trip to put up with that!

    PS, It would have been good if he did the axle loading with the factory hitch to see to what degree the extended hitch had adverse effect.


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