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Thread: Some pics from PMC

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    Some pics from PMC

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    interesting - thanks Inc

    (workshop tidied up for the pics?)
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    Yup! That sure looks like press assembly shop,don't you looove the WHS---! Wonder how many of those workers finished up with tinnitus? It sure was noisey in there,no safety guards around machines, no ear protection,or eye protection, safety shoes,"the good old days"!!!!!

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    Great pictures certainly a hands on build process

    interesting to try and identify parts they are working on ....looks like 2 or 2a getting a tub fitted on assembly line, after the bulkhead is fitted..... which goes against the fit tub first in the home restoration situation.

    On one of the 2a's I'm stripping the tub mounts were shimmed suggesting perhaps it went on after the bulkhead.

    Cheers Paul
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