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Thread: Harry Butlers old Landrover...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saitch View Post
    Albey Mangel's offsiders!
    Yep he was good at finding the eye candy

    Met him many years ago when he was taking his films and showing them in bush town halls (went to one of his screenings) buggered if I can remember where though

    Cheers Paul
    Puma 90........Ruby
    Puma 130......Pearl
    Series 2a 88............Jade

    2 x Series 2a 109 Holden 202 hardtop +Series 3 2.25 109 to be morphed into two Series2a 109 goers , if I can find them under all the rust

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    He was a legend when I was a kid in the 70s and 80s (albeit I grew up in the country and was for a long time limited to only watching ABC tv so not a lot of choice!).

    I work for Chevron and had a couple of years on Barrow Island which was Harry’s main focus in life.

    Amazingly Harry was still advising Chevron and taking employees on Barrow out on tours and educating us all about how special the place is until just before his death a few years back.

    Legend bloke and his legacy lives on at Barrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redtail View Post
    As for HB's Landy, what's with the "roof" rack? Quite an odd configuration that one. Anyone know why it was so?
    Probably so he could get to it while standing on the floor of the cab, maybe as a filming platform?

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    I reckon its a giant sunvisor

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickm View Post
    Probably so he could get to it while standing on the floor of the cab, maybe as a filming platform?
    Correct, it was a multi use platform, from holding his dingy, sunshade, cargo and filming, one stop platform of its day.
    Harry or as we called him Uncle H was a long time family friend of my fathers, he was at teachers collage with both Harry and Rolf, my dad was real upset when he was told Uncle H had passed away.

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