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Thread: Land Rover Australia Perentie Video

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    Land Rover Australia Perentie Video

    I came across this today:

    It's also been posted in the Land Rover history area if you want to have a look at some discussion about it:

    Perentie 6X6 Development vid originally produced by LRA.


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    Somehow I do not think that the current JLR company would even contemplate tendering for something like this. You need an adaptable base vehicle in the first instance and since the demise of the Defender they do not have this. To be a true Defender, the new version if it ever rolls off the production line, would need to be suitable for tendering for a contract like this. The new vehicle Defender might be very capable but to cut it in the rough day in day out is a different matter. It will be loaded with add ons aimed to up the price for JLR but they need to get the bare bones right so they can put the vehicle in for contracts like the above. I doubt they will. No doubt there are lots of well qualified people at JLR but common sense does not come with a piece of paper.

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