Sit back and enjoy. 2Hrs 15Mins of excellence.

Like most, I've been eagerly awaiting the All-New Defender for a long time. For the past 2 years I've been gathering footage/evidence in support of Land Rovers decision for this day, the 10th July 2019. I adore the traditional Series & Defender Land Rovers but I always knew an All-New Defender was going to be a hard pill to swallow for some fans and traditionalists. The All-New Defender appears in this film but is not heavily featured. The follow up, and shorter video, was shot at Land Rovers skunk-works in Gaydon back in July - it will feature the new Defender in abundance. This film honours Land Rover past, present and future.Everyone listed in the films credits and below are friends to landroverphotoalbum and they rock! A film is s sum of all its parts and is not possible without the abundance of cooperation I've received so please feel free to visit their sites and channels. Many thanks to you all for watching. I value and look forward to your feedback. I hope you enjoy!FYI, the best car is the one you love!