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Thread: Disco 4 vs new Defender comparison

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    I personally think a Discovery (there is no D5) is a logical step from a D4.

    The vehicle is great and from all accounts is a step up from the D4.

    That it's styling is something else is another thing , so is the Patrol, the Hilux and the Triton.

    Don't know why the manufacturers expect potential purchasers to accept a ****ed looking shape and I believe if they'd thought about styling in the Discovery a lot more would be lining up to buy.

    Lining up to buy if they have the spare dollars.

    The salesman I spoke to in Springwood was smug about the cost as he said nearly all of the Discos sold have been on leases and don't directly affect the pockets of the purchasers.

    so you can see the sales staff attitude to the average ocker.

    And thats why so many are buying the Fords.

    I have a Ranger , 5 yrs now, and Fomoco rang me yesterday and had a cheerful chat on my vehicles birthday and no bull**** , no promises , no ticklers to the new model and offered to put me on their email update program, questioned why I hadn't used the free RACQ program and I told them was nothing to use it for.

    It really would be so nice to chat with the Land Rover sales guy like that.

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    Let's be honest

    The only way Land Rover is going to move units, is to increase their dealership. One dealer in Adelaide, really? Toyota and Nissan will always do better with their dealer network. Land Rover Australia continue to use the niche market.
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