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Thread: Anybody got a Lightweight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DieselDan View Post
    It's been a while, so thought I'd post an update of what's happening.
    In short, not a lot!
    Been slow going trying to find the time to work on it. Managed a few days over the Christmas hols and over Aus day long w/e, but that's about it.

    So..... jobs completed thus far:
    New seat belts;
    Reverse light activated with switch on the bottom of the gear stick.
    Half completed brake pipe renewal.

    The last one of those has turned into a bit of a saga. Mine has a dual master cylinder and a 5-way split pwda valve thingy.
    A general search for series 3 dual master cylinder brake systems usually leads to 1980 twin leading shoe systems and a 4 way split pwda.
    This got me scratching my head slightly and wondering if I had some bastardised brakes due to it being built in 1975 but then released into civilian world in 1980 and some previous owner fitting some weird brake combo.
    Anyway further searching led me to find a reference to a 1975 optional equipment catalogue which had this pic of the brakes, which is exactly what I've got!

    So, now knowing that the brakes seem to be correct (10" single leading shoe with dual master and 5-way pwda) I've got all new brake pipes bent and flared, bagged a new freebie pwda from the old man, fitted a new servo and am deciding whether to rebuild the master cyl or just get a new one! Wheel cylinders were new before it was in storage in the UK, but they're cheap enough so might replace them.
    Then the fun job of bleeding the brakes and not getting the valve in the pwda to throw a wobbly begins!
    I made similar discoveries when doing the brakes on ours, a mix of Series2(imperial) at the wheels and Series3(metric) pipes ect.. made buying the rear flex hose interesting, the front is now civilian flex hoses.
    Cheers, Kyle

    The Good Oil.
    When did you last visit?

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    Mine is 1973 and has Dual circuit Master and PWDA as standard. The valve is just a shuttle valve to illuminate the dash lamp to let you know if one of the circuits is leaking. Not a bad idea.

    Single leading 10" front and rear is standard on all lightweights.

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    Thanks fellas,

    Glad I'm not the only one who struggled trying to get their head around this!

    So the dual master, 5-way pdwa and 10" single drums seems standard on S3 Lightweights from '73 at least!

    One more thing I've realised I need to do is move the rear number plate to the middle of the tailgate because we don't have square rego plates!

    '14 Def 110
    '98 300Tdi Disco (gone )
    '75 Lightweight

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