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Thread: 20 HF 10, 1/2 Ton FFR Air Portable, a Series 3 88" Lightweight.

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    20 HF 10, 1/2 Ton FFR Air Portable, a Series 3 88" Lightweight.

    After leaving the Corowa Swim In I stoped for a VERY expensive drink at Violet Town.
    Long story short is I stoped for a beer, had a feed and got talking to a local who had a mate out of Darwin selling an ex-military land rover.
    I made a call and 2 1/2 months latter we now own a Lightweight and No5 trailer with a few parts in Darwin I need to make arrangements for.
    I bought it from pictures followed by a few conversations and email's with the previous owner.
    I spoke to a few folk in the know and got the vehicle history before I committed myself to the purchase.

    The priority is to get the Lightweight on Victorian plates instead of the NT ones currently on it.
    While we where not looking immediately for a "hobby" car this one was to good to say no to.
    All going to plan it will make Winter Wombat 7, Corowa next year for the year of the Land Rover followed by Cooma and a 70th event in Adelaide also plus the "local" shows.

    I've been over it and it will need a few things done but other than the brakes it's mostly small bits n pieces.
    The rear brakes are hanging on and the previous owner fitted new wheel cylinders but it didn't cure the problem.
    Brake fluid is still pressurized after the pedal is released to the rear brakes, crack the bleeder an the wheels spin freely again.
    It needs front brakes and cylinders so will get 3 hoses, master cylinder and PDWA valve as well.
    A couple of seat backs finish the big spend items.
    The LH fuel tank I'm told leaks but can be looked at in the future.

    For those in the know I'm chasing some parts as used when it served with the British army...
    Jack handle.
    Crank handle clip(or 2).
    Number plate hinged panel.
    3-4 Jate rings that hold the radio in the tub.
    4 complete Zues clips(clip and base) for both the guard covers.

    The main parts I'll source from my regular supplier all going to plan.
    Cheers, Kyle

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    Nice Kyle
    cheers chris

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    It still has a fair amount of the radio wiring intact.


    It's also got a few coats of paint on it.
    History shows...
    Delivered to Vehicle Depot Ashchurch 15/11/79.
    1980 it went to 2 Queen's including a reconisance party in 1982, possibly to Cypress.
    Then 2 Royal Anglian's in 1983 and research continues to confirm finishing it's time in Hong Kong from 1987 till it's 1988 disposal.
    It has a import plate of 1990 into Australia so for 27 it's been left as it served.
    Cheers, Kyle

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    Top stuff dude,,, looking forward to seeing it in person
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    Looks great Kyle,

    Even better than the first photos you showed me. Look forward to getting a closer look.... hopefully Wombat

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    So it's been a busy couple of weeks.
    A fellow in England did some research on my B card.
    I had most of it right but the recognisance was wrong, it's rear party so didn't get Cypress as best we can tell.
    It did however travel with 2 Queens Regiment to North Ireland where a VPK (Vehicle Protection Kit) was fitted.
    There are plastic plugs in the bonnet and side panels along with a single wire and switch which are the ruminants of the VPK being removed once the tour was completed.
    We have confirmed it also served in Hong Kong, likely in a black/green paint configuration, part of this is seen in various locations.

    So the list of what's been done, discovered and work in progress...
    -The brake hoses have been changed but they are imperial not metric as a civilian Series3 would be.
    Front wheel cylinders have been changed out and again the military ones are different but I've used civilian ones with matching hoses.
    The original set up has a pipe from the cylinder to a swivel housing bracket and a short flexible hose rather than a long hose to the cylinder.
    The rear hose was the cause of the rear brakes hanging on.
    Front shoes still need to be fitted after running into troubles with the replacements, another thread revealed radius grinding is necessary.
    -I've done front lower shocker rubbers and rear axle check straps.
    -The pitman arm was loose, I inspected the splines and they looked OK so a new lock washer was fitted and it's tightened up onto the tapper now.
    -I found gear oil dripping from the wading plug hole after a road test before the work began, one repair I wasn't expecting.
    I've dropped the box, fitted a front seal & resealed the cover plate inside the bell housing and refitted the box.
    I've got a mount and engine stay bushes on order but it's got a fairly new clutch so happy with that.
    When ordered the MOD specified a removable gearbox cross member so this job was made simple lowering the gearbox from above with a engine crane.
    -Exhaust has been tightened along with a few other small jobs.
    -A good wash underneath is required to see if there is an engine oil leak other than loose clamps on the cooler hose.
    -Electrically it's been fun to say the least, thanks to Mick_Marsh who came for a visit as between us we nutted most of it out.
    The QH headlamps where wired wrong so I got that sorted only to find the indicator stalk needs replacing.
    The hazard lights have been bypassed so a new flasher can goes in this week and Mick will help wire it back up next weekend, he tells me the hazard switch is OK.
    The heater fan didn't work, Mick found a bad switch and after replacing and with power the fan still wouldn't turn.
    Further investigation found 2 wasp nests on the fire wall stoping the fan from turning, there have been a few of the muddy nests found.
    We had to tighten the wires in the voltage reducer also and now it blows air.
    I've had to bypass the IR switch and again Mick found a dash light switch so now I've got the main lights all working.
    New globes for the tell tale lights will go in during the week also.
    A washer pump is on order as mine makes noise but won't move water.
    -Seat backs are on order, again lightweight specific due to the mounting method, the bases are OK to use.
    -Most of the rest is rivet counting stuff like correct clips for the crank handle and grill to be looked at after it's on the road.
    Cheers, Kyle

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    A quick update...
    The seat backs turned up and have been fitted.
    I had to source a 24volt origional windscreen washer pump from England as the local suppliers I tried had none.
    I dropped the sump as it was leaking at the rear, I found a few bits of brass in it so it got a good clean out.
    Now before anyone panics here is how small the world is...
    I rang AJ at British 4WD Imports for my motor stay bushes and to see if he had the washer pump motor before heading off shore for it.
    Turns out he bought it from a guy in Brisbane who blew the oil line to the cooler and destroyed the bottom end.
    After rebuilding it he sold to a camel farm in Alice Springs who sold it to the guy I bought it off.
    I'm comfortable the few bits I found are the left overs from the incident.

    It's been running poorly, which I knew about so did a bit of a tune.
    The tappets where all loose by @ 5tho, it's a lot quieter now.
    The point where open way to far so cleaned them and readjusted them to spec.
    Being FFR all the leads are protected with electrical suppression so timing it is interesting to say the least.
    I've had to play with the throttle linkage also as it only opened to 1/3 and the dash fast idle didn't work.
    It has transformed how it drives and now happily climbs hills as quick as the fuel gauge drops.

    So Thursday the cook took it to Ballan for a roadworthy and it passed with no issues found
    Vicroads are booked out until the end of the month at the local office for registering it.
    We are booked in for Friday morning the 4th to get the numbers checked and receive the plates.
    Im taking a day off work for this but it works well as its the Friday before Winter Wombat
    Cheers, Kyle

    The Good Oil.
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    All registered on full rego due to the amount of driving coming up in the next 12 months.

    Ive got full set of coolant hoses to go on after the weekend.
    Needs wiper rubbers and I should get them Saturday with a few other items when BBC get to camp.
    Still trying to find screw in 24volt dash globes, may have to go LED instead.

    As to what's next, off to Winter Wombat 7 and a drive around to see how it really behaves.
    Cheers, Kyle

    The Good Oil.
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