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Thread: Do I have a military Series2a shorty.

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    Do I have a military Series2a shorty.

    Newbie - so please excuse stupid questions!
    I have just started a new restoration of VIN number 24308155B and I suspect that what I have is an ex military 2a shorty.
    The clues I have are
    - negative earth
    - the side lights are vertically mounted
    - there is a really industrial cheese cutter of a ‘bull bar’ in front of a capstan winch.

    Question is - how would I know for sure and what difference would it make to my restoration?
    I have looked very carefully and can see no evidence of any insignia markings at all. Also it is a ragtop. 0417671E-D7AB-4144-9988-86BDC240C47C.jpg6ACDCF42-DF58-49B2-9764-6D6D1F1202FB.jpgCDC7D4EC-50FE-4EF6-8395-7E7F8B781116.jpg

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    The chassis number does not appear to be ex-mil. The "Brushbar" is ex-mil but can be retro fitted to nearly any Series Landy.

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    Neg earth and the lights are the way they were standard
    The bar could easily have been swapped on
    It is just a standard s11a
    cheers chris

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    As above. None of the features suggest military except the bull bar - and I suggest that rather than being military, it is a copy of the military ones, which were heavily galvanised, and that one is rusty - and I think there are minor differences anyway, apart from this, although the military ones may have varied.

    Military Landrovers of that date had cutaway front mudguards, and distinctive raised suspension, plus other features such as side clips on the bonnet to replace the centre lock, and holes from tool mounts, dual fuel tanks extra switchgear, military rear crossmember, although it is just possible that some civilian models were used by the military. (but I don't know of any from that date)

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    The brushbar looks like a military copy.

    Picture below shows a Series IIa with one fitted and a Series III on the ground in front.

    DSCN3614 by Colin Radley, on Flickr

    If it was a military Land Rover it would have army data plates on the side of the passenger seatbox.

    As for your other pointers :-
    Negative earth, easily changed.
    Sidelight positions....depends on who installed the indicators. Some are vertical some are horizontal depending on the dealer/person who installed.

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