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Thread: 1960 Communications series 2

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    1960 Communications series 2

    Hi all, i have the opportunity to by a 24 V series 2, apparently it had a lot of money spent on it 20 years ago and has seen “little” action since. What little means i dont know.
    I have not looked at it.

    What should i look for and what would one go for with a roadworthy?

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    Probably the major item on any Landrover that age is chassis and firewall (bulkhead) rust. If it has been looked after, but not done much, it should be the usual things for a used vehicle of that era - check everything works, drives stops, transfer case shifts normally, no funny noises.

    If it has not been used and been sitting for a long time, even if out of the weather, it is a lot harder to assess, especially if the engine is not running. And if it has been outside...... Expect leaking seals, seized brake (and clutch) cylinders, rusty drums. Possibly mouse eaten wiring etc. The top is probably rotten, even if stored out of the weather, and may have mouseholes in it.

    From memory, it should have the standard 12v vehicle electrics plus a 24v alternator which charges additional batteries.

    With a roadworthy, a 1960 Landrover 109 soft top should be worth $4-7,000 depending on condition. There may be extra on top of this as a relatively rare military specimen, but this would depend on all the military equipment being there and essentially unaltered, and would probably be no more than a few thousand. If actually on ful registration, this could be worth close to $1,000 more.

    If it has been unused for twenty years, even if stored well, you would expect to spend quite a lot on rubber bits, seals, brake bits etc. Possibly no more than a few hundred if you do the work yourself, but if paying someone to do it, it will run into thousands.

    Series 2/2a are only just starting to become collectible, and although good examples will sell well, they will rarely exceed $10,000 even for a perfect specimen unless it has some special history.

    1986 110 County 3.9 diesel
    1970 2a 109 2.25 petrol

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