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Thread: Recommended papers/pdf's/websites on charging Lithium Batteries?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilipA View Post
    I am still deciding whether to run the fridge from the van battery with a fridge switch in circuit, but the location of the wires is a bit of a mystery as yet and it is early days. Seeing it is winter I will leave that until later
    Hi Phillip, is this a 3 way fridge?

    If so, even with Lithium batteries, it would still be safer to run it of your D4, direct, rather than off the house battery.

    Even the small 3 way fridges can flatten a lithium battery in a short period of time, and then you have to find some way of recharging your lithium battery.

    Plus your DC/DC will struggle to charge the battery while running the fridge off the battery at the same time. You will need to do some very LONG drives to get the battery recharged.

    The Fridge Switch is always a great addition but if you can pick up a feed from the FRIDGE output on your D4, you will have the perfect fridge operating system and you will not need the Fridge Switch.

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    The Fridge Switch is always a great addition but if you can pick up a feed from the FRIDGE output on your D4
    Oh to be wealthy enough to own a D4 when one is a humble D2 man.

    Currently (get it?) the fridge is run from the power wire in the 7 pin plug which is AFAIK from the starting battery and unswitched .

    I could switch it to the switched accessory feed to the DC/DC charger I guess which would only involve tapping the input to the DC/DC charger in the boot of the van.
    Regards PhilipA

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    Quote Originally Posted by d2dave View Post
    Dave, can you elaborate a bit more on this dounut water tank.
    its just a tank with a hole in the middle you can put the battery in.

    picture a box in a box the battery goes in the smaller box and the water goes between the bigger box and the smaller box.

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