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Thread: Is LPG Availability Dwindling?

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    A few tanks have been removed here in Bundy but there is still 3 or 4 servos with LPG. We do however have "Bundy Hot Gas" who service the LPG scene including 4 driveway pumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanoH View Post
    Maybe it's cheaper/easier/safer to replace the tank than do a 10 year hydro test but interesting that Caltex replaced it after so long. Maybe it's a 'big picture' or airport taxi thing ?

    I'm still looking for a suitable ute and whilst I don't need gas on a running cost basis (about 5000 K's a year) LPG utes are a major part of the second hand ute market so including them gives a much larger pool of vehicles to look at. It's worth keeping in mind here in Victoria with compulsory RWC's on vehicle transfer a 10 year old LPG powered vehicle MUST have it's tank within test as part of the RWC check. For a typical Ford 'scuba tank' install the cost I've been quoted is about $400 - $500 for the re certification alone, so 'buyer beware' ALL BA, BF and early FG LPG powered Fords will need to have their tanks re certified. OK for dealer bought registered/roadworthy vehicles as this should have been done but in the private market a real trap for the unaware.

    I had the tanks on my dedicated gas BFII RTV ute done for rego last year. Was about $500.00 and that included couple of new fuel gauge senders. Pretty reasonable considering how much it costs to run.
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