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Thread: Questions regarding gas.

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    DAMINK Guest

    Questions regarding gas.

    Gas setup is an injected gas unit on a discovery 1 v8.
    Obviously these questions are relevant to the gas setup specifically however given its an old D1 i assume that is the limiting factor here regarding spark anyway.

    1) Do the gas injectors pulse all together?
    I cant see how they could work any other way actually but thought i would ask. ie if i was to change the electrical connections around would it make any difference.

    2) On the gas converter there is an adjustable screw in the centre of the diafram.
    It appears to control the flow rate of the converter. Is this correct? Its adjustable or is there a set position for these diaframs?

    3) Finally assuming #2 is correct then which way does what. It appears unscrewing it increases the pressure but are not 100%?

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    1. The injectors usually follow the petrol injectors which on a D1 are group fired, i.e. each bank of four fires together.

    2. The adjustment screw is the regulator pressure adjustment. It affects the entire delivery range. Usually screwing it in raises the pressure.

    3. Remember any fault of the petrol system will appear in your LPG delivery, e.g. faulty MAF.

    4. If you don't have the software for your particular system (hint hint what is it) you won't have much luck tuning it. And without even a simple O2 sensor for reference you won't have much idea how far out the mixtures are from optimum.

    5. Oh and pictures, dammit.

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    DAMINK Guest
    I have adjusted the injectors in the past using a dial meter and some instructions i got off the net.
    Ended up finding an easier method. While running take one hose off and adjust until i get the right sound psst out the hose then reconnect.
    Do that to every injector.

    DANGEROUS I KNOW!! But the dial meter just did not work properly. Even though i was dead on they were all out of whack.

    The unit i have is an emmegas.


    Thats one of the injector banks. Excuse the worm clamp and odd nipple shape there, it does work though lol. Dirty is my cars middle name so excuse that too.


    Upside down oops hahaha. Thats the ecu for the gas. I was dodging a spider at the time i took that pic so was not how i wanted it.


    And obviously the converter. Again covered in nice dose of mud for uv protection.

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    Sounds like you have a good ear, tuning injectors is something I've done in the past. Anyway, Emmegas isn't one of the systems I've had much to do with but I had some of their injectors pass through my hands. Not the best quality but OK when new.

    Anyway I suggest you contact this mob in the UK:

    LPG Shop - Autogas Conversion Parts, Systems, Tanks and Accessories

    and see if they can supply software and a tuning cable. I've bought other stuff off them in the past and they've been very good. Be aware that cheap cables can brick your ECU, I lost one that way and now only use a genuine AEB one.

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    I was chasing an ecu for an Emer system and found Tinleytech, in UK to be most helpful.

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