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Thread: Low Pressure Warning

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    Low Pressure Warning

    It seems I can provoke the LPG system to give a "false" low pressure/empty warning.
    Just a short constant run at 3500 in locked 3rd and bingo, red flashing lights and audible warning tones.
    It gets easier as the tanks get lower.
    i can manually swap to PULP and back to stop it.

    Its just an inline fitting? yes?
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    There are many different types of systems, so may need more info. I have never found a system that monitors the "pressure", but they may exist.

    The tank pressure is dependant on the ambient temperature, but is basically stable at around 100-120 psi. The pressure after the vaporiser is only a few psi if a vapour injection system or mixer type system.

    The low level fuel warning is usually part of the indicting gauge meter system and works via a simple float not unlike a petrol gauge. A variable electrical output signal related to the float level.

    There should also be an inline filter of some description after the vaporiser, which could be partly blocked. Other than that the vaporiser itself may be starting to fail.

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