Hi good people.
Having bought the tidy old auto-trans 98 Disco 1 as a project and tow vehicle for a camper trailer (after over a decade between sips of SALL juice, so yes, I know elbow grease is a necessity) I need to tackle the tuning.
- starts well, hot or cold, first time 4/5 times.
- occasional stall at idle when shifting into Drive, always restarts.
- slight miss, not terrible, idle level hunts and surges a bit.
- clean coolant and engine oil indicates head gasket ok…maybe….
- runs smooth as a babies bum up to approx 3000 rpm but when you put the boot in, it absolutely hurls unburnt fuel, both lpg or petrol, out the pipe, including spitting gooey black drops up the back of the bumper and rear door.

Where should I start? Have tackled nothing yet, just putting out the feelers.
Worst case scenario’s welcome and if you know of existing threads they’ll be much appreciated too.

Thanks in advance,
Old Horse