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Thread: Les hiddens pays for diesel.

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    Out Sydney way a few years a go I filled up a 1000ltr fuel trailer. I had 2 pumps going into it pretty funny to see, it took ages. Cost like $1260 ish I wouldn't wanna do it now or in uluru haha. Most I ever paid was like $1.90 In a little town in NSW, the f truck was dedicated gas so I had to get the gas at the town before. It cost about 96c a litre an the truck had 300lts to burn through, not worth having LPG. This was only 2 hours or so west of goulburn so not too far from civization. Had no mobile or TV reception which was awsome!

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    $194.27 @ 210.8 c/ltr for petrol. Jervois Stn, mid-July this year. I thought that wasn't too bad actually.

    But my record is at Mt Dare filling the D1 and six jerries for the crossing in 2014. Can't recall the exact total cost but I know that petrol was around $2.50/ltr and nearly 200 ltrs means not much change from $500... Felt that.
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    I think all of you who have never payed for fuel shouldn't be allowed to comment on the price . Its just rubbing it in to those of us in the real world.
    Its like those who have never had a mortgage or dont pay rent. Just keep it to yourself and thank yourself lucky.
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    LPG still at .71cpl on the coast...

    We used 180 litres for the same trip DiscoClax,, the 200tdi we travelled with used 60.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pedro_The_Swift View Post
    LPG still at .71cpl on the coast...

    We used 180 litres for the same trip DiscoClax,, the 200tdi we travelled with used 60.....
    99c here at Coffs yesterday!

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    I can remember filling my HK Monaro 16 Gallon (72.5 Litre) tank up at 7 cents a litre in Melbourne, back in the mid 1970's when the fuel price wars were going on. We were paying about 11 cents per litre up here in the country, so 7 cents was an incredibly cheap discounted price. Just over $5 to fill the HK.A few years after that the price hikes started and vehicles with V8 engines were cheap as chips to buy. Some people even fitted diesel engines into vehicles like Fairlanes etc. As a matter of interest, back then the "average wage" was about $7600 a year and you could buy approx. 84000 litres for that at 9 cents per litre.Today the average wage is about $72000 and you can buy about 43000 litres at $1.65 per litre.Maybe the price of fuel has put the price of fuel up. I wish fuel was still that cheap today.Whereas the price of the average family sedan is about half price in comparison to what it was in relation to average wages. Cheers, Mick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grey_ghost View Post
    Oh my. Oh lord. I am planning a trip to Uluru in the 101 in 2020... I better start saving now!!! Les hiddens pays for diesel.Les hiddens pays for diesel.
    it will be $3.25 a litre by then... Les hiddens pays for diesel.

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    Diesel was between $3-3.65 a litre in the communities on the Canning. It was a had to and the nearest alternative option was 700km away. Saying that though, diesel has been at the $1.65 region for a while now here in Katherine. Looking forward to it being slightly cheaper in Adelaide when we get there.
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    Good luck with that. Most are around 165~169c/L in Adelaide. Some independents are around 156c/L.


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    Never paid this much to fill up the little Mazda 2 today.
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