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Thread: Buying Perentie - Auction or not?

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    Buying Perentie - Auction or not?


    Just looking for some opinions/experiences of people that have bought Perenties from graysonline. Good/Bad experiences?

    I just looked at their warranty section and they take no liability for anything that may be produced even if it was false advertising (states something about there is no guarantee the vehicle you purchase is in the stated condition etc).

    Just wondering how reliable is it buying from there, all the vehicles apparently come with a blue slip, so it should be road worthy which in a way could suggest it should be a good vehicle as you can not get a blue slip on a vehicle that is stuffed (unless it is an inside job)... ?

    Just looking at a few options I got on how to go about purchasing a vehicle.

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    Mine was ok. Had a blue slip, although there were a couple little things that I fixed up (oil leak from the filler tube and coolant leak from the heater matrix feed) O and I had to put new UJs in the rear prop.

    Was ok, it actually passed a road worthy in QLD as well, from my experience that is a bigger feat.

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    Hi G.Man,

    I would strongly recommend that you inspect the vehicle (if you are able to) OR get somebody like KLR to inspect it for you.

    As you say - there is no warranty at all on these vehicles, and they are 30 years old.

    Having said that - I bought one at auction, sight unseen (after a few too many drinks one night) - and it turned out fine. When it was delivered - it had a full tank of diesel, started on the button, and passed a Victorian RWC without any issues.. It had new engine mounts, new gearbox mounts, and a new front diff. I have had to do some small things to it - replace radiator hoses, flush coolant, and replaced all filters & fluids as a precaution.

    But I would recommend that you at least inspect - these are great cars, but some of them have lived very hard lives.. I was bidding on one a few months ago - until somebody pointed out that the top of the engine was rusted - which suggested the vehicle was either submerged at some point or not looked after.

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