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Thread: Perentie rims ex frontline auctions

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    Perentie rims ex frontline auctions

    Gday All.
    I currently run a 2006 td5 130, so Iíve not visited this part of AULRO before.
    Thereís a bunch of rims and tyres currently being auctioned at frontline and Iím considering nabbing a set as mine are tubed, which I find useless in the bush.
    Although more useful than the info provided by frontline/pickles Perentie rims ex frontline auctions
    will they fit offset wise?
    What size are they? Look to be 15Ē only?
    Are they rated to carry the max load of my 130?
    There are 40 lots or so, with tyres, but no close ups of rims!
    They could be off a 6x6 for all I know...

    Any assistance appreciated

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    They will be 16Ē but also tubed
    They will fit your 130 but why not just remove the tubes from the rims you have?
    Many have done this but Iím not sure how the rims / tyres perform at low pressures
    Phil B

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