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Thread: Acco MK3 4x4 brake parts

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    Acco MK3 4x4 brake parts

    Hi All, My apologies if I have posted in the wrong spot........
    I'm looking for a supplier of brake parts for my mk3. All the places i have tried to this point can't supply new items but can re condition my old parts......
    I am after new brake cylinders and a new master cylinder as mine are quite badly corroded. I'm hoping some one can can point me in the right direction. Also would certainly conceder good used items.

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    Yep. Wrong area.
    But never mind, we'll move it into the right spot soon.
    Which cylinders are you after specifically? Front, rear or both?
    Have you considered getting them sleeved in stainless?
    I just took mine down to ABS in Geelong. They got them reco'd. I have found, if you want truck brakes fixed, take them to someone who does truck brakes. Most ABS stores I go to have no idea what I am on about but the fellow in Geelong looks at the bit and says "That's from an old Inter."
    There is a fellow down in Port Fairy that had some. dkg000 knows how to get in contact with him. David, if you read this, could you please PM me his contact details.
    Pop on over to the REMLR forum (Inter Chapter) and ask there.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum.



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