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Thread: Motorbikes

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    Motorbikes (BMW RT1150)

    I bought a couple of BMW RT1150 ex army escort bikes. They were immaculate I suspect based in Canberra,
    low mileage, new condition, the thing that surprised me was they went to auction with all the Police gear still on them (Siren, lights, etc)

    With and without gear.
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    Army BSA

    Ahh! The BSA WM20. What we used to know as "The Army Beezer". When I was a fitter apprentice in the later half of the 1950's you could get one unregistered from $10 to $16 dollars depending if it had good tyres or not. Registered, again subject to tyres and length of unexpired rego. $20 to $40. These things were not socially acceptable to us young tearaways being regarded as old fashioned junk. We all aspired to a late model 650 or in our dreams, a Vincent.

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