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Thread: AWM Studebaker Numbers....brains trust

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    AWM Studebaker Numbers....brains trust

    Now that some of the Australian War memorial vehicle disposal books are on line I decided to look for my 1945 Studebaker 6x6 and find its original army rego number and then see if I could find any pictures of it in service on line.

    The story is with my Studebaker is it came from a small museum in NSW which couldn't finish work on it to get it road worthy.
    It has been in the family for more than 25 years and I think had 2000miles on it when we first got it.
    The museum told us it was donated to them by a rural fire brigade.
    This truck was super original still with its body and military fittings etc and I thought original motor.
    The motor I reringed a few years ago as the rings had lost a bit of there tension though lack of use......the bore and everything thing was still standard and the rest of the truck is wear free, matching up with the low mileage.
    The truck from memory is built 8/3 /1945
    Chassis number is 92828
    The rear body is steel
    Engine number is JXDKV180807
    A long search in the AWM books found the chassis number matching to army rego number 164-302.
    so good so far.
    The records show this truck must be currently on engine No 5
    It hard to read but in order the engine numbers appear to be
    and now its current number....assumed fitted after army service.
    I can handle that.....but 5 engines in 2000miles ??????
    The real problem is reading and under standing whats written on the left side of the book for this chassis number.
    I will type it as accurately as I can
    W/O BofS 18/72 2.BOD 4.8.72 .983/M402/59 List MGO/2BOD/VP/F4 12/9/72
    can anyone help with the translation and meaning of the line above.

    On right side of the page in very small hard to read writing near all the engine numbers is this
    654/165/61 and 654/130/43 as written one number above the other.

    Any ideas to the brains trust.
    the Aust war memorial is fantastic in releasing these books on line and giving owner of old army truck a chance to trace the trucks military history.
    Australian War Memorial
    Australian War Memorial

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    Hi Ron

    I can help a little with the line in question.

    W/O BofS = Written Off Board of Survey, 18/72 likely a date 1/8/72 or possibly the 18th BofS in 1972.

    2.BOD 4/8/72 = 2nd Base Ordnance Depot + date 4/8/72 (makes sense if the board of survey sat on 1/8/72)

    Can't help with the next group but likely a document number

    the first abbreviations after list are MGO/ Master General Ordnance and 2BOD as above, the whole group is likely an auction catalogue number issued by the MGO.

    Best I can do


    BTW: I must admit that I did use Mike Cecil's Book "Australian Military Abbreviations, Acronyms & Codes" to check.

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    just a hint on why so many engines, might be crap, but?

    My father told me stories of how troops would thrash the guts out of trucks on their way to Melbourne from Pukapunual during the war time, as that got them some extra leave in Melbourne where presumably the came from, when the truck was being repaired in Melbourne.

    Maybe a few did.
    Safe Travels

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