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Thread: Military vehicles in ANZAC Day parades

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    Ron says, “he will fight it”.

    So I’m wondering how is it that we can fight it. There are various comments around that people will leave the RSL etc etc,, But is that really a wise move(??). After all, they are there for a reason, and that scenario seems more like cutting off the nose to spite the face.
    Do they have a voting arrangement where they would ask people’s thoughts on the matter first?
    I suspect they can’t stop these vehicles from being there, it is after all a public space. I’m not even sure “how” they can actually stop you from driving in the parade. They’re not cops 👮
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    Quote Originally Posted by mick88 View Post
    I Agree.
    They ae most likely trying to come up with every angle they can to exclude the pre 2010 vehicles.
    Makes me wonder why the magic number is 2010.

    Cheers, Mick.
    Maybe we moved to the current standard of vehicle emission regulations in 2010.
    As long as people stand back a bit from the vehicle while it is idling it shouldn't be an issue, I think. Or the vehicle could be stopped and restarted?
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    If enough people complain to the RSL and local politicians things will stay as they are.
    1/ vehicles first in the one to run over that way and a co driver to spot if parking the vehicle.
    2/ enough separation between the people marching behind so fumes and people /vehicle interface doesn't happen.

    3/ old jeep, champ and landrovers are excellent vehicles for our diggers to ride in as they are easily seen by the crowd.

    4/modern military vehicles tend to be diesel which the carbon particles are suppose to be worse for you than petrol vehicle fumes...........most older military vehicles are petrol driven.( Australian army current crop of diesel vehicles don't meet current diesel emissions standards and civie vehicles that do fail to do so as they age and at large cost to comply with age or high kms)

    The taxi blokes are fantastic in providing transport for our diggers to and from marches and on marches for digger who cannot safely get in or out of a military vehicle.........( taxi tend to be LPG or Hybrid)

    5/ the current military Mercs in service are small inside and are hard one can see the diggers inside....not a good idea.

    6/ no vehicle travels faster than walking pace.

    I should be running the ANZAC marches...........but I appear to be over qualified to run them or to be a politician because I can use common sense and not greeny OHS bull **** to run everyones lives and creating new bull **** to justify my job.

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    I have been doing our local march for 20 years now, vehicles always first, has never been an issue, as for fumes what utter B/S, cheers Dennis

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