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Thread: M13486/12 Cable?

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    Question M13486/12 Cable?

    Anyone know where you can get this cable? Chasing up for a trailer...
    Cheers, Dave

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    G,day davros

    NATO 12 core not sure about Aus,possibly from a large truck suppliers,if not ex-UK somebody like P.A. Blanchard co.measure carefully,as it is heavily rubber insulated,and would weigh a lot if freighted out,I would try to source it here,try army disposal stores,if not in WA try Sydney or Melbourne,or advertise on general chat,for it,as there could be somebody removing 12 core to replace with standard 7core. I converted my old No5 by removing the 12 and fitting a 7 core plug as I couldn't access the 12 socket as my GS had a plate welded on to the scone cutter bumperette and a pipe cutter bolted to it,I replaced the pope cutter and fitted a 4inch standard vice,it has proved to be quite handy,as a mobile work station.

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    truck trailer ABS 12 and 14 core cable should do the job for you.

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    Ended up getting this:

    H07RN-F 12G1,5

    5m of it from Lapp Australia. About $100 for 5m delivered. Beautiful stuff! And almost identical size to original but with all 12 cores.

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    Thatís very nice cable. 👍
    If you need to contact me please email - thanks - Gav.

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