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Thread: Postie Bike Metamorphosis

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    Postie Bike Metamorphosis

    2011 Honda CT110

    After 35,000kms of loyal service in the name of Australia Post, the bike went up for auction, a chap in South Sydney purchased it, serviced it and flogged it to me, so I could ride to the train station and back each morning and evening.

    His name is Bernard (the bike not the chap who sold it to me).

    After two years of wonderful service in Umina Beach and a year doing it much tougher out on a property in North Richmond, I moved to Richmond and no longer required Bernard to take me to and from the train station each day. As the polo season closed and my free time for the next three months was suddenly all mine (no g/f either), I decided to strip him down and give him a bit of a makeover. A man needs a project...and I figured I'd learn a thing or two along the way into the bargain.

    Strip down was a LOT of fun although I should have labelled more bits which I later ended up guessing when it came to the re-construction. Once I'd degreased and sanded everything down and cleaned off all dust and paint residue, I set up a 'paint booth' in my tiny garage and went to town with etch primer, enamel and then clearcoat, then a wet n dry and polish. Very happy with the black.
    Ape hangers installed, new cables, carby cleaned, new saddle (I fabricated a suitable bracket to achieve the desired angle) and putting the bike back together was such an enjoyable process. I can see why 'James May - The Reassembler' is a popular show.

    Ride is bumpier through the buttocks thanks to the saddle springs being harder but it's SUCH fun to ride, especially cruising at 80 with the feet out on the highway pegs...and now I get nods from the Harley boys which was most unexpected!

    Next year I'm thinking of treating myself to either a BMW GSA or Triumph Tiger and I suppose I shall have to sell Bernard...but I'll be sad to see him go. Such fun little bikes, the CT110s.

    Bernard 1.jpgBernard 2.jpgBernard 3.jpg Bernard 4.jpg

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    Brilliant!!! Absolutely love it...

    My bikes currently awaiting a few parts to finish its rebuild. So sad to see it all sitting around waiting.

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    Well no ones going to steal it, thats for sure.

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    Fantastic job. Well done.

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    No doubt you've seen these before - PMMC - Postmodern Motorcycles

    I'm thinking about getting a postie to use on a mate's property for hunting.
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    exhaust lets it down,, though to be fair, a different one would have added a major cost to the project..
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    I actually love the exhaust - it's so quintessentially 'Postie bike' that I simply had to keep it. I had a LOT of options for changing it and they're not as exxy as you might think.

    Yesterday I was out for a ride and noticed that once warmed up, I'm still having to run the bike very lean to keep it smooth and then there's not enough fuel getting in for hard acceleration so I think I have a blockage of some old fuel residue. For 60 bucks, a performance carburettor (different jet and needle size) will be purchased and I'll clean and sell the original. Or just keep it as coffee table artwork.

    Got a few more nods too, which are nowhere near as cool as the Landy Wave but given that I'm on a 110cc thumper, I'll take what I can get.

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