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Thread: Two stroke oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDNSW View Post

    The major issues with two strokes is how well the fuel is mixed, and I would completely agree with the comments about mix it as you need it. Ethanol is a problem in petrol unless you live in a dry climate - without atmospheric moisture it causes few issues - but most Australians live on the coast.
    John, we used to see problems with E10, moisture and OPE in Scone/Murrurundi/Liverpool Plains, not exactly coastal.

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    you have to go more central west to get away from the humidity.
    Father inlaw can store fuel tor 12 months without issues at Nyngan.

    3 months here and im cleaning carburettors of slime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rick130 View Post
    John, we used to see problems with E10, moisture and OPE in Scone/Murrurundi/Liverpool Plains, not exactly coastal.
    Seen from where I live its coastal - its east of the divide (I think). Certainly humid compared to here. On the other hand, I had a friend moved here from near Hermidale, and couldn't get over how badly things rust!

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    Quote Originally Posted by isuzurover View Post
    Firstly, buy smaller containers. Leaving the oil sit around for "a few years" is not great, and makes discussions on the relative merits of different 2ST oils a bit moot.

    2nd - Stihl 2ST is a rip off.
    I have never heard of oil going off in storage.
    When I purchased my new saw back in about 1996 the book stated that if I used the genuine Stihl oil I could go at 50:1 Any other oil had to be 20:1

    I have always used the Stihl oil but I go to about 30:1
    I have not had to purchase any for about 7 years as my last purchase was 4 litres.

    Back then it was not that expensive, especially the small amount I use.
    I am running low so after reading this I will interested on price when I go to get more.

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